Saturday, January 5, 2013

Oh Snap. . .snapshots of December!

Happy New Year!  I hope your Christmas break was refreshing, and that you've had a very enjoyable entrance to 2013.  I know.  I have seriously been MIA.  I was just talking with Mr. Perry about one of my goals for the year-more blogging!   Even though many of the pictures and ideas that are in this post are a bit too late, I decided to go ahead and share them.  Maybe you can tuck them away for next December!  Here are  few of my favorite things. . .
I had a blast at Mr. Perry's holiday Christmas party.  He works for an awesome company with great folks!  We feel SO blessed that he has such a wonderful workplace.  He has been working with the same company since he graduated from college, and the people there are just the best!  By the way, this year Mr. Perry spent a lot of time and money on me for the "12 Days of Christmas."  Every day from December 13th-25th I got a gift!  He's pretty amazing! 

Here are a few things that brought joy to my heart. . .

During "gingerbread" week we had our first ever gingerbread cookie "bar."
We gathered lots of sweets and treats, some icing, and some gingersnaps.  The boys had a great time making funny faces!  It was such an inexpensive, quick way to enjoy a yummy snack.

 Jenkins, our elf, brought so much excitement to our home! He will truly be missed!  I think he might make a surprise visit in July [Christmas in July]!  Jenkins really had a hard time staying out of my chart paper and markers.  He left several messages for the boys.  Christian did note that his handwriting wasn't as nice as mine. . .ha!

The boys have been really "into" measuring things.  One day they spent nearly 30 minutes measuring each other and different objects with some foam Christmas tree cut outs.  They even measured little Jaxon!

My little Sol seems to love water so much!  Lately he's been into drinking bath water and splashing in the toilet [Gross. I know!  But thank God he plays in the water while it's just water!]  The boys had a ball with this little sink or float "Christmas style" activity.

My handsome Christian's class sang at a local nursing home.  He's growing up way too fast!  He turns 5 next month. . . where does time go???

 We spent a lot of time talking about the true meaning of Christmas this year. This is one of my favorite little keepsakes with the boys' thumbprints.

A certain someone stopped by to visit us to make sure no one had a grouchy attitude around Christmas time. . . on that day we celebrated things that are "green" in honor of Mr. Grinch and his change of heart!  

We did a lot of mixing. . .

We also ate a lot of green stuff!  

Just add a tiny drop of green food coloring and a cherry on top and this tastes pretty good!

 I just LOVE the Polar Express!

 Here's a Jaxon update. . .7 months now. . .teeth are coming in any day now. . .and he's ALL OVER the place.  Not the traditional way yet, but he's got a pretty fast army crawl/rolling combo!

Have a great week!


  1. What an AWESOME mom you are, Brooke!!! You provide so many wonderful activities for your little ones to do. You deserve a big ((HUG)) for all you do!! Love reading your posts!!
    Connie Anderson:)

    1. Thank you so much! You are always SO sweet and encouraging! I have got to add you to my {favorites} list because you always leave the nicest comments!!!

  2. Your little boys are absolutely the most precious little things!!! :)
    Glad to see all is well with you and your family!
    Best of luck to you in 20-13!!!

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

    1. Thank you! I hope twenty-13 is a wonderful year for you and your family too!

  3. Looks like the boys are growing up so fast. I love all the teaching happening within your home. They are lucky to have such a creative mom to teach them! Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year to you too!


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