Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Can you believe that half of the first month of the year is already gone?!?  Time flies way too fast for me these days.  This year I have 13 goals. . . one of them is to get back to weekly blog posts!  I am typing and inputting pictures fast and furiously. . .Jax is asleep and I'm racing against time!

Another goal that I'm really excited about is more reading. . .I plan to read at least 25 books this year. . .should be easy for me now that I actually have a little more time to read (well, kind of).  I have already started on two. . .


and when I was writing my goals for the year (in December '12) I added this to my book list.   I finished it before 2013 arrived so I'm not going to count it.  However, I highly recommend it for parents, teachers, or anyone else who works with children on a regular basis.  It's amazing how I have three little kids who have the same environment, same gender, same parents. . .the list goes on and on, but they are SO different in SO many ways! 

I will definitely share more about this soon!

So last week was supposed to be "snow/snowpal" week, but the temperatures were in the upper 50's/low 60's so I could not bare to get into all of the great "snow" stuff that I had planned without a bit of cold weather to go along with it. . .so I decided to wait!  Instead we had "number" week. I know-kind of random but I managed to fit in lots of winter activities with it too.

After I cut out Sol's letter "N," it made the paper look like the letter "F" also.  He was so proud that he had two letters. . .he's getting so speedy at identifying letters and naming his sounds. . . taking after his big brother!

The boys LOVED this. . .they have begged to use their snowmen almost every single day.  For some reason they seem to think that they can learn better when there's food involved. . .ha!  What have I done?!?



This one has nothing to do with winter, but I just couldn't resist. . . I LOVE Pete!  We're not quite finished with this one yet, but I'll show you the final product when we're done.  Christian is getting so confident as he completes directional art projects.  I have seen an incredible amount of growth in his finger strength and fine motor skills!

I'm sure there will be a "number" week part 2, 3, and probably 4 because I pulled out nearly 50 books that have to do with numbers and counting!

Jaxon was not left out in all of our number fun!

Solomon did quite a bit of bowling himself while Christian and I worked on more challenging projects.

Well, this week it's definitly cold (actually freezing) this week.  
We woke up to a light dusting of snow and a few small patches of ice.  So I asked the boys if they wanted to move on to "animals in winter" or "snowpals" this week, and they decided  on animals!

This week. . .amazing winter animals!

Next week. . .snow!!!

Oh and one more thing. . .can I just tell y'all how much I love Mr. Perry?!?  He's a pretty wonderful guy.  You'd love him if you met him.  Instantly.  He's just that kind of guy.  His birthday is this week!  I have a few surprises up my sleeve. . .I'm hoping and praying that I can get everything ready and make it just as amazing as he is!

Lately he's been reading the boys a bedtime story every night.  He reads a book that matches our theme, and they are so sad when they can't have storytime.  By the way, he's getting pretty good at asking lots of good questions before, during, and after the story.  He does have a pretty experienced instructional coach though!

Have a happy Tuesday, and stay as warm as you can!  

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  1. Great activities for number week........I'm with you, it needs to at least be a bit cold for snow/snowman activities. I have to ask, where did you get the adorable snowman clip art for your marshmallow counting activity? I think it's cute and such a fun way to practice.



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