Wednesday, November 28, 2012


November has been a CR-A-ZY month for the Perry's (to say the least)!  Since November 1st we have battled 3 ear infections, 1 sinus infection, and 5 cases of the FLU. . .yuck!  That's why there's been such a huge lack of action around here.   Despite the sickness, we still have SO many things to be thankful for!  I wanted to take a few minutes to check in, and share some pics with you.

If you've been following and reading along with me since I started blogging, thank you so much for sticking with me.  If you're just joining in, thank you too.  You'll soon understand why so many of my posts are so random. . .my life has become so unpredictable!  We are almost all the way back to normal.  The amount of Kleenex we use is steadily decreasing every day.  I'm hoping and praying for a "germ free" Christmas!

The boys had a great time at their Thanksgiving feast. . .they were both "Native Americans!"

So how was your Thanksgiving?  We spent ours with my family in East Texas.  I grew up on 4 acres of land, with lots of trees, leaves, and a garden.  All of those things make it a great place for little boys!

Here's my dear old dad raking up a big pile of leaves for the boys to enjoy.  We have three skinny little trees in our yard so this is a rare treat for us!

Many hands make work much easier!

Solomon picked this little pepper from my mom's veggie garden.  She grows squash, cucumber, tomatoes, greens, peppers, and a few other things. . . he was so happy about his little green pepper!


  1. It's always so good to see you post. Your family is just beautiful. There has been soooooo much going around this month at school. Keeping my fingers crossed that I escape it!

  2. Thank you! I think teachers have the toughest immune systems around!


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