Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Candy Corn Craze & 12 Days of Giving Thanks

Yesterday I was feeling a bit down during all of the election/voting events.  I have friends who were on both sides of the "battle ground," and all of the negativity was really taking a toll on me.  I know that everyone has a right to their own opinion, but I also believe that opinions can be expressed in a manner that is respectful.  I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to vote and proud to be an American.  We have SO many blessings and freedoms that others do not have.  I had to continually remind myself of that and refocus my thoughts on something fun. . .so we had a candy corn election!  My parents were in town visiting us so "Granny Lin and Pa Pa" voted with us too. 

We made these cute tissue paper candy corns which is great for those tiny little fingers and fine motor skills.  They are actually pretty giant!

Then it was time for the candy corn election.  We used traditional candy corn, candy corn m&m's, and candy corn oreos.   All of which are delightful, but candy corn m&m's won!  I think this is mainly because Mr. Perry, Christian, and Solomon are slightly addicted to them.  It was just a fun, tasty activity with super low preparations and best of all stress-free!  I also made a "candy corn" making words activity just for fun.

Candy Corn Election 

Now we are gearing up for Thanksgiving. . .one of my favorite holidays!  This year we're starting something called "12 Days of Thanksgiving" which is very similar to the "12 Days of Christmas."  Instead of focusing on what someone is going to do for you or give to you, it's just the opposite.  
As a parent, I want my boys to know that even on their "worst day ever" [reminds me of the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day], they are still far more blessed than many children who are living in extreme poverty, have limited food and water, or who are all alone without the love of family or friends. I know they're too young to understand this fully, but I'd like to start while they're small to help them see how truly blessed they are.  How do you teach that and help them understand. . .lead by example, be consistent, and allow them to "give" to others.  
More to come as we complete projects, read books, and talk about the importance of having a thankful, appreciative heart.

12 days of Thanksgiving


  1. I love the candy corn election activity!! Thanks for sharing the freebies that go with that activity.
    Connie Anderson:)

  2. Candy corn Oreos??? How did I not know about these?! Definitely going on my "must try" list. :)

    Love these activities! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Never saw Candy Corn Oreos! How fun!!! GREAT idea!
    Your newest follower - Lisa
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