Thursday, March 28, 2013

[egg]citing stuff. . .5 great activities with plastic eggs!

1.  Name Hunt
Write one letter of your child's name on each egg. You can fill the inside with a treat of any kind.  After they find all of them, encourage them to spell their name using each of the eggs.  Then they can open up the eggs and enjoy the surprise! This was a great use of our afternoon because the weather was gorgeous, and the boys got to run wild and fancy free in the backyard!

Jax had fun just exploring the texture, rolling them around, sniffing them, and biting them (you have to taste or bite anything and everything between the ages of 3 and 12 months)! 

He can do this independently.  He's so proud!

No big deal for Christian. . .he was done in like 2 seconds (literally).
He LOVES holidays just as much as I do!  I know this is unrelated (well it kind of isn't), but check out this card that he made for me. . .

I love the spelling!  Even though I get a card at least once a week, this is definitely one of my favorites.  He tried to encompass all of his favorite holidays.  
2.  Secret Message
Write out a secret message on small sticky notes or index cards that have been cut apart.  Color coding the message will make it much faster and easier (if you're going to write several different messages).  Just can add a colored dot with a marker on the index cards if  you don't have any colored paper.  After all of the eggs are found, help your child read each of the words and reveal the secret messages!  Once again, another opportunity for little boys to run wild and crazy!  I look forward to trying this out this afternoon. . .another beautiful spring day!

3.  Egg Painting
Get some large aluminum pans from Dollar Tree.  Line the bottom of the pan with construction paper.  Add two or three eggs and a few blobs of paint.  Your child will love shaking the pan around to create a new masterpiece.  This is so easy even an almost 10 month old can do it (with a bit of assistance of course)!  Jax had a great time with this. . .it got a bit messy but that's o.k.  His creation turned out wonderfully.  The noise was fascinating to him, and he just had to touch the paint for himself.  That's egg-actly why we use crayola washable paint!

4.  "Egg"stremely Easy Math {facts}
Write out a few basic math facts with a sharpie on one side of the egg.  Mix up the sums on the other side of the egg.  The eggs can be twisted or turned, or for strengthening fingers (and fine motor skills) your child can practice pulling the egg apart and snapping it back into place.

5.  "Egg"stremely Easy Math {one to one correspondence}
Write a number on the outside of each egg.  Use jelly beans, m&m's, pom poms, or any small object that will fit inside.  Your child can practice counting the objects and placing the correct number of them inside each egg.

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