Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day Keepsake

These guys are getting way too big way too fast!  Before I know it I'll be dropping them off for school, and they'll be too cool to give me a good-bye kiss.  So for now I cherish every. single. moment.  I made a little first day keepsake that I plan to use on the first day of school every year until at least 4th or 5th grade beginning at age 4.  I'll still take little Sol's picture on the first day, but I won't ask him the questions or have him fill out the packet [although it might be hilarious to hear how he answers some of the questions].  I also plan to revise the format as the boys age so that it will be developmentally appropriate.  If you're interested in a copy you can check it out below.


  1. what a great idea!! I am sure it will be awesome to take a look at these in a few years time. Enjoy your time with you little ones and please keep inspiring us.

  2. Love this idea! I can't wait to use it! Already printed out and ready to go for my new First grader and preschooler at home! Thanks for sharing all your adorable creations with us - we are very lucky to have them!!!!

  3. Cute idea :)



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