Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back To School Week. . .Day 1

Yesterday was our first day of "back to school week 2012."  We are off to such a wonderful start!  I realized last night while talking to Mr. Perry that I am more excited than the boys.  It's o.k.  It's just the "teacher" in me.

So we're following a new weekly schedule which I LOVE so much!  We still do lots of other things on most days, but this is the one thing that we focus on even if it's a busy, crazy, random kind of day!  I'll post more explanations about this schedule as we continue to follow it each week.

Since yesterday was "Make Something Monday," we made a little something for the boys' teachers! I know as a teacher I LOVED getting sweet treats and gifts from my kiddos.  It wasn't just the gift cards or expensive items [don't get me wrong-those were nice too] that encouraged me.  Often times it was the simple, thoughtful handmade or homemade treats that were such a blessing in my life!  So this little gift isn't much, but it's the thought that counts!  Most of the items came from Target and Dollar Tree [they have everything you need for gifts like this].

Simple items like candy, sticky notes, pens, notepads. . .a teacher can never have too many!

Found these cute bags at Dollar Tree.

The boys placed the items in the bags in our "assembly line."

I just need to add the "beach ball" and gift card (below), and we'll be all set!
We can't wait to meet our teachers on Thursday night!


  1. You are so thoughtful to think of your children's teachers. I LOVE the note and how you tied it in with all the gifts. You are so CREATIVE!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. The note is so precious and creative - love it!!!


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