Monday, August 8, 2011

Under Construction. . .

I have received many e-mails asking about the construction of a classroom reading loft.  I have to tell you that the best I can do for you is to share pictures of the process.  My hubs and I are the perfect match for each other because he's got the analytical/mathematical/problem solving skills and I have the creative/artsy/linguistic skills.  Together we make the perfect brain!  My mother-in-law says he used to spend hours upon hours playing with legos and blocks. . .that let's you know how important that play time is!

He drew these plans. . .
front view

side view

back view

Calculated how much wood he needed. . .

Measured, cut, drilled, and nailed. . .

This is the base. 

. . .and ended up with something like this!
This wasn't the finished product-don't worry!  He added stair rails and finished the railing on the sides-can't have kiddos falling out of the loft while reading!  I left early this morning to go to a professional development workshop so I didn't take any pics of the loft when it was complete. This one was made for a new kinder friend of mine. . .Jennifer I hope you're kinder sweeties love reading in this!  

Of course this job couldn't have been completed without the help of two additional handy men. . .

 There was a little bit quite a bit of time spent taking a rest on the bricks due to throwing wood chips and getting into stuff that was "off limits."  

Look at Christian's mad face. . .
He was not happy about taking a rest break at all!  We had to find him a special job to keep him occupied and out of all those wood chips!  Despite my efforts to keep him somewhat clean. . .he was covered in saw dust by the time we went back inside!

Next up. . .construction on my new loft!   Also I've received many e-mails wondering about the Promethean Board shower curtain cover.  I'll post a step by step "how-to" post soon-be on the lookout!


  1. I can't believe you are able to put a loft in your classroom! Our district would never allow this. This is so creative and wonderful for the kids! I can't wait to see it all put together!
    Rambling About Reading

  2. I had a loft like that and loved it!! I moved rooms and our district said that it was a fire hazard. It was great for the kids to read and I was able to do some storing underneath, too!! You will love it! I can't wait to see finished pictures. Ours had a chain that a sign that said closed when we needed it to be closed. I miss my loft!

  3. Love it, but it would never fly in our district either:(

  4. I've been wanting one for years and I think I'll propose it to our Admin - worst they can do it say no:) Thanks for sharing - as always such great ideas. I love your story of your little one - mine are bigger and still need those very i portant "rest" times :)

  5. Thanks for sharing! Look out, teachers everywhere are going to want your hubby to make them a loft too :) Can't wait to see pics of the finished product in your classroom! Your students are so lucky!

  6. That's a pretty tame mad face. What a cutie!

  7. Your kiddos are so blessed to have you and your hubbie's mad skills! Can't wait to see yours all dolled up and in use!


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