Thursday, August 11, 2011

Letter Exchange

I know the first month of school is super crazy, exhausting, and unpredictable (especially in kinder and first grade) so I really appreciate your willingness to work collaboratively with other teachers during this project! I hope your students absolutely love it.  My kiddos loved getting mail last year when we completed several projects.

If you haven't received your letter assignment that means I'm missing your school mailing address, and I couldn't assign you to a group.  There are about 5 teachers in group 4 who have submitted their addresses, but I cannot send out the information until the entire group has provided all of their information.  If you're still interested, go ahead and send me your school mailing address as soon as possible.

Below you'll see the letters for the project.  I left them as plain as possible without a border or any extra details.  Be as creative as you'd like to be with your decorating skills, but keep in mind that when the letters are mailed they may get jostled around a bit!  Remember to print 26 copies of your assigned letter on white cardstock.  Keep one for your own classroom set, and mail 25 to the teachers who are in your group.  I'm planning on hanging all of the letters in my classroom on a clothesline to show them off so I can't wait to see what you and your students come up with.

This project is  based on the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. . .but here are a few additional alphabet books that I love to use during the first few weeks of school!





Here are a few optional ideas:
I also love to use Google Earth to keep track of the location of each class.  If you're interested in using Skype with another teacher/class, you can contact one of the teachers in your group via email.  Also you can send a short written letter or picture with your letter of the alphabet if you'd like to.  I think my class is going to brainstorm a list of simple clues that describe our letter and send them out.  We'll give clues to let our group know whether it's a consonant or vowel, describe the letter features, and name words that have our letter in them.

You have from September 1-30 to work on the project with your students.  If for some reason you run into a problem or need to send your letter a little later,  please e-mail your group members so they'll know when to expect your mail.
Letter Exchange Project

Thank you again for your help. . .please let me know if you have any questions or if you need anything else!


  1. I'm going to use the letters I receive as my letters for my word wall. As the letters come in, I'll replace my original letters with the decorated one!

  2. Brooke,
    How come some of the letters are smaller than the others? Do you want all letters to be the size of an 8 x 11 sheet of card stock? Will the letters print out the right size?
    Thanks Claire
    Group 1
    Letter W
    I'm so happy to be apart of this project!

  3. I am excited to get started with the project. Tomorrow our little ones will come for Roundup and find out who their teacher will be, and Monday we start our year!
    Thanks for coordinating this project, Brooke!


  4. Thanks Brooke! I'm so excited for this project!!!

  5. Brooke...
    Is there room for one for?

  6. This sounds like such a fun project... wish I knew about it when you started organizing it. Please email me if there ends up being room for one more.

  7. My class is loving the letter exchange! We have received 2 letters and are sending more letters out this week!

    Your blog is so amazing! I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out:

  8. If anybody reading this could forward me the e-mail with everyone's addresses, I would much appreciate it! My school's e-mail system got entirely wiped out when the hurricane came through NC and I lost the e-mail. Thanks!

  9. I would love to get the specks on this project for next year. Please email me with details @

  10. oh, ADORABLE!!!! i'm just finding this now (the first day of summer vacation, LOL)---if you're doing this again, please email me!! (or tmredfern, if you're interested, i would join you!) FABULOUS idea!!!


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