Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm a "mac"

About two months ago, Mr. Perry got me a MacBook Pro.  He got it for a really really good deal, and it was practically brand new (only 4 months old)!  At first I didn't appreciate it because I wasn't too familiar with them.  The last time I'd used a mac was my sophomore year in college when I worked at the Dean of Student's Office (the year will remain unmentioned).  After using it for the last couple of months, I can truly say that I absolutely LOVE it!

Today as I sit in a quiet, uneventful home (mother's day out) I am working on a few summer/back to school projects, and I appreciate the macbook more and more!

Next month when I'm at CAMT, I get to use my iphone as a remote for the MacBook.  One of my favorite apps links the phone and MacBook.  It's great because it serves as a hand held remote (with cheat sheet notes that the audience doesn't see)!

Yesterday I also got a wireless keyboard and excited to test them out!

I made a brochure for this year's "meet the teacher/back to school" night.  It has a daily schedule, contact information, a short note for the students, and a quick list of action items for them to do.  When they complete all of the items on the list, they'll get a chance to choose a prize from the treasure box (really trying to connect the ocean/beach theme here)!

This is the first slide of my presentation for CAMT. . . hoping to wrap it up next week!
  I have learned to love Keynote!


  1. Mac's are great! I got a mac book about 8 months ago and I really love all the feature's it comes with! Another app connecting the iphone and mac is "remote" maybe you already have this, but your phone acts as a remote for your itunes!

  2. Pray for me. I'm having a really hard time adjusting to my mac! Ha ha ha!
    Mrs tabb

  3. Megan-thanks for the tip!

    Mrs. Tabb-you'll grow to love it!

  4. I've been a "Mac" girl since 2006....and once you go Mac, you will never go back!! :) I love it!! I don't remember my life before Mac. I am taking an inservice over the summer called iLife. I am looking forward to it. ENJOY!!!
    Debi Childress
    Just 4 Teachers: Sharing Across Borders

  5. Ok so I'm mac born and bred and had no idea I could use my iphone as a remote! What app do I need to download?

  6. It's the "keynote remote" app. . .no one warned me that macs and apps were so addictive!

  7. *love* my Mac!! And your brochure looks GREAT!!!
    First Grade Blue SKiES

  8. A personal Macbook Pro and iphone are both on my wishlist! I have a macbook, provided by my school, but in the Fall we will no longer be able to use it for personal use at all! :-( So, I need to find a great deal too! Love your blog!
    Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten

  9. I'm a mac, too! At least at school. My husband and I have PCs at home, but I have Mac at school and I love it! It is just so much easier to use.
    I love that brochure! I'm definitely going to be creating my own jungle themed one for Back to School this year! Thanks for the awesome idea!

    Mrs. Thompson

    Adventures in Teaching

  10. I am a MAC addict! My sweetie purchased my mac for xmas and I was very scared to use it!! Once I got used to it I fell in LOVE!!! I love my iphone too, it is amazing what they can do! Thanks for the app suggestion. I will check it out!

    Lesson Plan Diva

  11. Once you go MAC, you never go back!! L.O.V.E. all my Apple products. I will be checking into my iPhone as a remote. Thanks for the tip.

    First Grade Factory

  12. Congrats on the new MAC! My wonderful hubby surprised me with a MAC Book Pro in February. Love, love, looooooove it! The only issue I am finding is that I can't seem to get it hooked up to my SMART Board. Is anyone else using their MAC along with a SMART Board that can offer any tips?

    Good luck a the conference!

  13. I am teaching first grade for the first time this year and am trying to get everything ready... as you know that equals crazy! YOu have so many amazing ideas on your blog! Thank you so much for sharing them all! I saw your back to school brochure and was hoping I could get a copy of it!

    Thanks so much!!

    Amber Williams


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