Tuesday, June 21, 2011

at the beach all year long. . .

This year my first graders will be at the beach all year long! 
I have had SO much fun shopping for "beach" stuff this summer.  Here's what I've collected so far. . .
a giant beach ball to hang over the reading loft/classroom library. . .

mini-beach balls. . .

mini-sand castles for each table "number". . .

supply trays (with glue, scissors, erasers, crayons) for each table. . .

watering cans for pencils. . .

a wall hanger for my keys. . .

alphabet rug-I know this has nothing to do with the beach, but I LOVE the bright colors and wanted to make sure I have a clearly defined space for my "word work" area. 

Here's what I'm adding. . .

new chair pockets. . . I want to get ride of my red/blue traditional pockets, and they're in great shape-let me know if you're interested!
Store More® Deluxe Chair Pocket - Early Childhood  - Teal
I'll also be adding a new reading loft with lots of bright colors!  

And of course a palm tree. . .the room wouldn't be complete without it!

Hopefully the entire room will be ready by the first week of August-I'll post lots of pics!


  1. Awesome buys! We are doing a beach/ocean theme, too in first grade! I have a polka dot beach ball I found and I plan to put it and another on the wall in the hall and say "Have a ball in first grade!" lol

  2. I love that rug! Where did you find it??

  3. You always find the best stuff! I am doing a beach/ ocean theme too. I guess living in Florida makes that a perfect theme :)

  4. ps...I would love to get with you about your old chair pockets!

  5. how adorable! I love a good beach themed classroom!! =)
    mrs tabb

  6. I'm doing a beach themed classroom as well! Like you I've been in target geting all of their seasonal finds. I even have your carpet but in my daughters room in the pink pastels. Would love to know more about your chair pockets.

    Mrs. Shepherd

  7. Did you know that the Target dollar area has a lot of beach themed stuff right now??
    Just FYI!! :)

  8. You should put one of those plastic pools in your reading corner and fill it with pillows! :) IKEA also had cute fish rugs for cheap last year. :) Sounds cute!!!!

  9. I will also be doing a beach/ocean themes. Can't wait to see what else you have planned. I used the hard plastic pool last year in my library and the children loved it.


  10. Have you sold your chair pockets yet?

  11. Yay beach theme!! That's what I'm planning on doing too! Check out my blog next week for some beach theme freebies!

    Miss Kindergarten

  12. I have a beach theme too! Where did you find the turquoise and lime seat pockets? LOVE those!

  13. Hi!
    I was wondering where you found your supply caddies...I need something like that for my classroom. Brilliant idea!


  14. Where did you find those wonderful chair pockets? I love the colors.

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  15. The alphabet rug is from Target-children's area. The chair pockets are new from "Really Good Stuff." I was SO happy when I saw them in their "back to school" catalog!

    Michael's has the watering cans that I'm using for pencils, and the trays are from Dollar Tree. Target also has some chip/dip holders in the dollar spot area that are similar.

    I haven't sold the chair pockets yet, but I'm in the process of sharing pics/details with an interested teacher/blogger. I'm hoping to have them shipped out by next week!

  16. Thank you so much! Have a great day!


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