Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Winner. . .

Congratulations to Allison from Room-Mom 101
She said, "Looks like a great organization tool! I really feel like I couldn't do well teaching if I didn't stay organized...not that I always am, but I try. I use a paper filing tray on my counter. There are 5 slots--each one labeled for each day of the school week. On Friday I try to plan my next week and sort my papers into the trays so that I am ready to go. This idea really helps me on those hectic weeks. Plus if I ever have to call in an emergency substitute I know that I am pretty much ready!"

Allison please e-mail me your school or home mailing address and the style that you like best.  The organizers come in red, blue, black, and zebra.  Thanks everyone for sharing your organizational tips!

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