Saturday, March 26, 2011

10 Things I've Learned About Teaching

Jennifer, from Rowdy in First Grade, is hosting a linky party!

1.  Teachers can never be paid the full amount that is truly deserved for the service that they provide to the children of the future.

2.  The best preparation for teaching, is hands on classroom training. There is a wide variety of professional literature with wonderful tips and resources, but a book can't teach you how to teach.

3.  How many times have I said to myself, "I never learned this in college?"

4.  Being surrounded by a supportive, caring, and positive team of teachers makes the job of teaching, which at times is full of many challenges, so much easier.

5.  There's a reason why teachers have so many breaks scattered throughout the school year...we need them!

6.  Every detail matters...paying attention to detail is an important part of teaching which can impact the lives of students immensely.

7.  Organization and preparation can make or break you in the classroom setting.

8.  You can have the most fabulous ideas and creative energy, but without effective classroom management, you'll never get to any of those wonderful activities.

9.  Every student is so unique-I find this to be true when I teach siblings.  Each of them are almost always completely different.

10.  If you love what you do, teaching probably doesn't seem like a job...


  1. Love this! I totally agree with all of it! #10 is sooo true!

  2. #8 is ringing so true with me, especially right now that I have a student teacher. Poor thing...

  3. Amen! You've said it all!

  4. HA #5!! Our spring break starts in a week and a half and I'm so ready!



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