Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Fun!

We have had a very busy, event-filled weekend complete with shopping, parties, and hopefully relaxation too!  

My husband's mom and Christian share the same birthday so we had a surprise party for her today!  We had a party for Christian with our family and close friends yesterday, and on Tuesday, he'll celebrate with friends from school!

We've had our share of cake this weekend!

 I have also done my share of "post Valentine's Day" shopping, and I managed to pick up a few other things (that always seems to happen to me-especially at Dollar Tree, Walmart, and Target)!  Is that a problem for anyone else???

Here is some Valentine stuff (and a few other slightly random items) that you might be interested in...not sure what I'll do with everything, but I know these items will come in handy-the life of a teacher!

a 4 pack of mini-bins...

a pirate party game and mask...

a dancing flower-the more sunlight it gets the more it moves-LOVE this for science/plants/living things...

re-usable bags (strawberry and watermelon) 

a Valentine table cloth

a pack of foam heart picture frames

a large heart container, stamps, heart hoppers, and mini-heart boxes 

I also got tons of cute notepads this weekend.  I can't wait to use the little egg one for "spring" and "oviparous animals."

This set is perfect for our "Dr. Seuss Week" during the first week of March! I absolutely LOVE studying about Dr. Seuss and all of his wonderful literature!

I hope you've had a great weekend.  Enjoy President's Day tomorrow!


  1. Love the dancing flower! Those were all the rage when I was in elementary school Everyone had to have one! This one is updated for "solar power" - mine was music/sound power! Brings back fun memories!

  2. I had the post Valentine's Day "shopping bug", too! Check out the stuff I got! I tried to get to the Dollar Tree, but they lost power! I guess I'll have to go back. : )


  3. I am so jealous - you always find the best stuff! I tried the Dollar Tree and Target here, but I didn't see any of your good finds. Just gives me a reason to keep going back and checking. : )

  4. Where did you find the Dr. Seuss books? I get to go to the city tomorrow and won't have much time. Hope you can help me pre-shop!!!

  5. So funny - I just got back from Target with a bag full of St. Pat's goodies and clearence Valentine's Day gear! I have the flower from dollar store too -- they kids LOVE it!
    The Dr. Seuss business is cute too -- I missed that one!

  6. The Dr. Seuss books came from Mardel-$6.99 for the 33 piece set

  7. Thanks for sharing your great finds!

    Where did you purchase the pirate game? That is the theme I use for my end of year party.

  8. The pirate game is from Dollar Tree with all the party favors and goodies!

  9. Thank you so much for posting this stuff! I am loving the Dr. Seuss set. I will be heading out to get one ASAP! I also love the silly monkey notepad. My theme is monkeys and I love monkey notepads :)

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