Friday, February 18, 2011

President's Day

This week we have learned a lot about George Washington, Abe Lincoln, and Barack Obama.  

We have been reading some great literature. . .

learning about sequencing events through timelines. . .

writing about the "Presidential Life". . .

and creating some great artwork. 

I loved the details from this student's artwork.  He drew himself as a rescue hero and giving a speech in front of a microphone while being videotaped.

You can get a copy of the timeline with events from President Obama's life from Ms. Winston. She also has LOTS of other great printables and resources!

You can also get the directions for the art from TLC .  


  1. You have been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award!

  2. OMG! Obama is so cute! You have to mail photos of this to him.

  3. I really like the timeline idea. I usually teach this by having the kids do a timeline of their own lives during our family unit, but this might be a good intro...thanks! We also did the TLC Obamas and Washintons....WAY too cute. I love how even though every kid started with the same material they turned out so different! I love your blog...keep up the wonderful work.

  4. *Washington...sorry that was bothering me...haha!


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