Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowman Literature and Writing

 We completed this as a shared writing activity.  I left blanks for the students to review sight words.  The students wrote on individual marker boards and had a chance to fill in the missing words.

We have connected our writing to lots of my favorite winter literature!  I even have a snowman that glows in the dark.  I turn it on when we read "Snowmen at Night."

 Here is a sample of some of our "expository" writing.  We are experts who know "how to" give instructions for others to follow!
how to make a sandwich

how to have a snowball fight

how to make a snow angel

how to make hot cocoa

We don't need this one often in Texas, but today was one of those to stay warm on a freezing cold day!



  1. Do you have the whole fill in the blank snowman story? Very cute!!!


  2. So cute!!!!!! WE do a "How to make indoor smores" It's so fun and then we eat indoor smores! It just reminded me of it when you said you did "How to have a snowball fight"!


  3. Love the shared writing snowman!

  4. I love your "How TO" stories! They are so cute!
    Writing is one of my most treasured subjects in first grade. Thank you for sharing!


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