Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eric Carle Collection

Mrs. Daniels, a fellow blogger, told me last week that Kohl's has four Eric Carle books (The Groupchy Ladybug, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Mixed Up Chameleon, and The Foolish Tortoise) along with the matching animals right now for $5 each.  I picked up a set for my classroom and added some to Christian's collection-they are nice hardback copies so they're on the top shelf!  100% of the proceeds benefit kids!


  1. oooh! Thanks for letting me know! Ordering mine now!!

  2. I just saw those, I need to get to Kohls soon!

  3. I purchased some of those also! Thanks for all the great FREE postings. I appreciate what you post and am using it on my bulletin boards and for classwork! Thanks so much!

  4. LOVE the Kohl's Cares for Kids books! They change them about every 6-8 weeks so be on the lookout for some new ones around March! :)

  5. My students will enjoy having additional new books to create a VOCABULATOR. Thank You!

  6. I posted darling journals for Kohls Cares on my blog:
    This way our students can take home the animal and the book and write about their adventures.

    I also have the mouse and cat from "IF You Take a Mouse to the Movies"


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