Thursday, January 13, 2011

Science Rocks!

Today is science day for our whole school!  I made this investigation journal for our first graders to record their thoughts as they participate in the activities and experiments.
Science Investigation Journal


  1. This sounds like a great activity. What kind of science activities are you doing in your rotation? I'd like to organize this for our grade level.

  2. Your entire school participates in science day? That is so neat!
    I love your activity sheets. I went to a first grade conference earlier this year, and one of the sessions was on science in the first grade classroom. My students now have a science folder which we add to all year. I'm going to do a future blog post on materials for the journals.
    Thanks for sharing yours! These are great.

  3. Today each teacher on my team taught a science lesson. These were the topics: watercycle (precipitation-snow), air, magnets, seasons/weather, and liquids). I will probably do a post in the future with samples and pictures of our I'm pretty exhausted, but the kids had a blast!

  4. We are planning to do this in March. I will be looking forward to your samples and pictures. Thanks for sharing.


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