Tuesday, January 4, 2011

80's Day Rocks!

Happy 80th Day of School!
I have lots of pics to share...I know I could have used smilebox to make a slideshow, but I wanted to give you lots of laughs up close and personal!  My co-workers and students look "totally awesome" today!

More pictures to come...student work, 80's fashion, and fun!


  1. What an enjoyable post! Love that you celebrate the 80th day of school vs the 100th! I do have to say that you all look great BUT I have a hard time believing that any of you were out of diapers in the 80's! You have inspired me to dig out my leg warmers, jelly bracelets and my bermuda bag! Where exactly did I put my Rick Springfield tapes?????

  2. We also celebrate the 100th day...just wanted to spice it up and add something new this year!

  3. I heard on the radio the other day that leg warmers were coming back!! When I told my teammate, she said she had actually seen someone wearing them!!!!


  4. What a great idea!!!! Our 80th day is next week Thursday and I am getting the whole school involved!!! Thanks so much for sharing the idea! I can't wait to break out my leg warmers!

    In looking through some older blog posts, I found another school that celebrated the 50th day of school with a 50's day! How fun would that be too, have a sock hop and break out the poodle skirt!


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