Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1, 3, 5. . .

Good morning sweet friends and readers!  We've been up quite a bit over the last few weeks/weekends!  We went to "family night" at the boys' school to watch them perform.  It was adorable!  

Here's Christian doing the zombie walk and the monster twist. . .his class performed a few songs about "monsters."  My favorite song was "God is bigger than the boogie man!"  They also did a fabulous job reciting 2 Timothy 1:7 [For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind].  This little guy can really move his body!  I was so happy that my 84 year old grandmother and my parents were able to see the show too! 

Sol's class performed a song called "He's Still Working on Me!"  Isn't that the truth?  The older I get, the more I realize that God still has so much work to do in me and through me!  I am a complete mess, but because of His grace I have come so far!  Sol pretty much stole the show!  We got so many compliments about his performance.  He's the oldest one in his class this year, and it has really helped him to develop his leadership skills.  So proud!

Sol also turned 3!  We had a "Brown Bear" party at Chick-Fil-A.  It was one of the easiest partiest I've ever hosted!  All I had to do was order the invitations and the cake!  We got kids meals, ice cream, nugget trays, and a fruit tray.  It was easy peasy!

Jaxon had a great time at the party!  He's got 3 teeth now, and one more bursting in [which is driving both of us CRAZY] so he's able to chow down on waffle fries and shredded nuggets. . .yummy!

I love this little tradition that we do every year. . .the birthday donut with candles!  It's pretty exciting for all of us because donuts are a pretty rare treat for us.  The birthday person gets a fancy donuts, and everyone else celebrates with donut holes and pigs in a blanket.

My absolute favorite birthday tradition is the "birthday book."  Every year each of my kids get a "book" for their birthday.  
Right now it matches the "theme" of their party.  Christian had an "ice cream" party for his 5th birthday.  I completely missed out on posting the pictures.  I think it's because February is such a short month with so many wonderful events and holidays crammed into it!  So back to the books. . .all of the guests sign the book, and I take a picture of them to add to the inside cover.  As they grow, they'll build their own library of personalized books.  Of course as they grow, the books will change to be more appropriate for their age.  I started this last year when Christian turned 4.  He has two books so far, and Sol has two books now (actually a puzzle and a book).  Jaxon turns 1 next month so he'll have a complete collection for all of his birthdays.  His party is going to be "Curious Jax" because he reminds me so much of Curious George.  He gets into everything, and he means no harm.  He just wants to explore and learn!  In about a month I will officially have a "1, 3, and 5 year old!"  I hope you're having an amazing week.  My week has been pretty amazing so far.  God continues to knock me off my feet! Every single day!  


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  2. Love the birthday ideas and pics of your little ones. So cute!

    The Teaching Twosome


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