Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Happy Nerd Day!  I hope this doesn't offend anyone.  To make everyone feel better, I truly consider myself to be quite nerdy.  Maybe I 'll shed some light on my reasoning behind that in a later post.  Today is "nerd day" for the boys at school, and we had a fabulous time getting into character!  One of my favorite things about teaching was having special dress up days throughout the year.

Wouldn't it be fun to have a "nerd day?"  Although I never did this while I was teaching full time, I think it would be cool to celebrate the r controlled vowels "er, ir, and ur" with some special days. . .You could have a "nerd day," a "birthday party [for everyone in the class or a class mascot]," and a day to bring a "furry friend [one that's stuffed of course]."  When I jump back into the classroom I hope I remember this idea!

 Earlier this year, I mentioned this book in a post, and I would like to revisit it now.  If you're a parent, I highly recommend it!  Whether you have itty bitties, elementary aged students, adolescents, or children who are on their own, it's a great resource.  The whole idea behind the book is that parents have to make a conscious effort to make sure that their child has a full "love tank."  Even though as parents we say or think, "my kids know I love them," this book points out that kids have to receive love in ways that they understand and feel. Giving one child hugs and cuddle time means the world to them, but another child may just want to hear you say "I'm proud of you. You did a great job on your science project."  
There are 5 basic love languages.  They do overlap in some areas, and we do need to feel loved in all of these ways.  However, there is one way that you probably enjoy the most 
[your primary love language]. 

1.  Quality Time
2. Acts of Service
3.  Gifts
4.  Physical Touch
5.  Words of Affirmation

I want to share a few things that I gathered from reading this book.  About 7 years ago, when when we were newlyweds, my husband and I read the original version of this book together.  This book helped me to understand Mr. Perry a little better and see things from his perspective.  I discovered the one for "children" last year, and it has really helped me to understand my boys more clearly.  As a mommy of three boys, you would think life would be pretty simple.  Let them play and run around as much as possible and keep food on the table constantly!  That does work well [for the most part], but I find that if I don't do a few extra things to make each one feel unique, we have much more chaos and crying than usual.  

Look at these three little faces.  They have so much in common.  They share so many of the same characteristics, but at the same time they are SO very different!

Christian, my oldest son, is the typical first born.  He looks a lot like me.  Very creative thinker.  High achiever.  Talks non-stop.  Can't stand when there's nothing to do.  Slight perfectionist.  People person. Math rock star.  Always doing something.  Early reader.  Kind of bossy.  Animal advocate. Loves to spend time with family members and friends.    His primary love language is "quality time."  If I spend at least 25-30 minutes of uninterrupted time with him reading, doing art, cooking, playing a game, or just goofing around he is so much happier.  Also if he has a problem, he's more likely to ask for help instead of feeling like he has to figure it out all on his own.

Solomon, my middle guy, looks just like his daddy.  Takes his time getting to know people.  Kind of shy.  Loves bowling and contact sports.  Needs at least 30 minutes of cuddle or wrestling time each day.   Enjoys rummaging through stuff and exploring.  Loves to sing and dance.  Computer savvy.  Can be a bit flirty once he warms up.  Very articulate.  Very aggressive at times [especially if you make him mad].  Loves to play the drums.  Sometimes mischievous.  His primary love language is "physical touch."  He tends to give hugs and kisses all day long.  If he doesn't get a few hugs soon after he wakes up, it's going to be a rough day!  The more time he spends getting hugs, kisses, or high fives, the more cooperative he is during the day.  He is my cuddle bug!

As for Jaxon, my littlest guy, we're still learning!  He loves to explore the world, knock down trash cans, and chew on whatever is in his hand.  Pretty typical for a 9 month old.  He also loves to cuddle, sing, and play.  More of his personality will shine as he grows and develops.  I think his primary love language might be physical touch or words of affirmation because his face lights up when he hears someone saying how handsome and sweet he is.  He also loves when his brothers hug him and play with him.

Having three boys who are so unique makes me appreciate God even more.  He is our Father, and He has billions of children.  He knows just how to love us and make us feel special!

I hope you're having an amazing Tuesday.  I'm off to see what Jax is up to.  He has crawled out of sight and around the corner. . . oh boy!


  1. Beautiful post about parenting.

    1. Thank you. You are always so kind!

  2. What a super cute blog!! I am so excited to be your new follower!

    Kelli Love

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