Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snow Much Fun!

Here are a few "snow" related reading, writing, and math activities (despite the fact that the weather here has been unseasonably warm)! The boys were getting ready for school today and  wanted to get their jackets.  It is so strange to say, "No, you don't need it at all!  It's going to be 74 degrees today (in the middle of winter)." But then again, this is Texas!

I really miss being in the classroom this year because "tutoring" reminds me of how cute "little people" are.  Most of them are pretty used to seeing me around now, and a few of them are excited when they visit my "teaching nook."  I have been enjoying my little "intervention" position so much!  Here are a few of my favorite activities.

Place Value snowmen. . .these are half way finished.  I only see the kiddos for 15-20 minutes at a time so by the time we review a concept and complete small group activities or practice, there is just a little  bit of time for independent practice.  We'll finish these next week.  The students will get to cut them out, decorate, add a background, and make them a little more fancy.

I used this book with a guided writing group.  The students were in first grade.  I only read the first four pages of the book.  I explained why. . .the time factor.  I promised that we would finish reading it later.  The purpose of this book was just to get their minds thinking and help them to visualize what life is like inside a snow globe.  They loved this book...well, the part they heard!

After we reviewed what a "first grade" sentence looks like (capitals, spacing, spelling-word wall words, punctuation. . . ), I told the students to focus on one sentence.

I am hoping to share some more of the activities that I have done with students because most of them can be used in a whole group setting, with a small group, or for one on one intervention.  The thing that I miss most about having my own classroom is all of my teaching tools and resources.  I have a little cart of tools that I take to school with some very basic supplies, but there are many times I think to myself, "I wish I had this. . .or that. . .or those. . ."  

Today was 50's day for the boys.  They were raring to go this morning!  They're eating hamburgers and coke floats for lunch. . .yum!

Christian was saying "Rock and Roll!"

Have I ever told you guys that I LOVE holidays, celebrations, parties, and anything that has to do with decorating?!?!  Well. . .if I could have another job besides being a mommy/teacher. . .interior design would probably be very close to the top of the list!  I have already started "Valentining" the house!

Our "love notes" and "fan club mail" will begin on Friday. . .the boys are so excited-even little Sol (and I'm pretty sure his notes will either be "circles" or the letter "H" written over and over again!

There are "yummies" out everywhere!

I need to add ribbon to the jars, and this project will be finished up!  This project was so fun and cheap!  I love using these molding pieces from Home Depot.

Most of the pictures that are out right now are black and white which is perfect for the black/white/red color scheme.  

Here's my big guy. . . 8 months old!  Can't believe how fast he's grown!

Remember my goal about reading 25 books this year?  2 down. . .23 to go!  Here's my next one. . .I know, it's hilarious!  I found it at a little botique, and it was full price (almost 30 bucks), but amazon and B&N had it for less than half that price!  

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  1. I enjoy your blog. Your little guys are adorable. Thanks for sharing such cute snow activities. Renee


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