Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fire Safety Mural

We just wrapped up a huge art project.  I didn't plan on doing this, but when I thought about using hand and footprints to show a "fire scene," I thought the boys would enjoy it.  Our house is smelling so strange because the mixture of paint, homemade applesauce, and a scentsy is not the best combination!  Despite the weird smell, I think it was worth it!  I was unable to take pictures along the way for obvious reasons. . .otherwise I would have had two boys covered in paint along with our tile, walls, and furniture!  I really tried to take pictures along the way, but it just wasn't happening!  This is a pretty simple activity, and I have included some helpful tips below.
We began with a blank slate.  I did pre-cut the labels and cut a huge sheet of paper. I got a huge roll of art paper from a teacher friend who was cleaning out her supplies a few years ago.  It has been a wonderful art tool.

I also gathered all f the paint that we needed so there would be no need to leave the "fire scene."  Leaving the scene would have been dangerous! 

Every time we paint, I prepare our "paint bowl."  It's an old bowl that I fill with warm soapy water.  I also grab an old towel for easy wiping and cleanup.  

I got this tray from Dollar Tree.  I use it for almost all of our messy crafts or for crafts that have lots of pieces.  It keeps me organized and makes cleanup much more efficient.

Here is Sol getting huge blobs of red paint removed.  

Easy cleanup with no spills!

our mural...

This was lots of fun, and the boys had some great dialogue.  All I can say is thank GOD that Jax was down for a long nap!
Fire Labels

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