Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Book A Day Keeps Boredom Away {#2}

Today's book choice is for children.  It's called "The Pink Refrigerator" by Tim Egan.
This is a great reminder that there are so many wonderful things to do every. single. day.  Instead of watching t.v., sitting around, or being lazy all day long. . .there's plenty to be done!  I'm not saying that "those sit back and relax, stay in your p.j.'s, sleep in all day" kind of days aren't necessary {trust me with 3 little hyperactive energetic boys-I know!!!}, but life is full of such wonderful experiences if you allow yourself to explore the world around you or get out there and learn something new!  My boys' read this book at school, and they had a great time with this book.  The teachers focused on all of the great things that kids can do:  read, paint, dress up, pretend, exercise, dance, cook, build. . .the list is endless.  I hope you had a terrific Tuesday!  I'll be back with a another book and a few of our fire safety projects on tomorrow.

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