Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hot Diggity Dog. . .it's time for school!

So my big guys are starting school soon. . .a really fun program that's just a couple of days a week, but to them it is a whole new world-especially for Christian!  He is SO SO SO excited!  Solomon is too, but I can tell he's not quite sure about everything just yet.

School is all Christian has been talking about her lately. . . in the morning, during lunch, every afternoon, at night, before bed. . .

I'm excited for him too because he's so dang enthusiastic about everything. . .his back pack, his lunch kit, dress up days, teachers, friends. . . EVERYTHING!

Since this is such a big deal for him and he's a lot like me {likes to plan ahead, prepare, stay ahead of the game, be as organized as possible} I made him a countdown page.  I whipped it up, printed it, and added it to a cheap frame that we already had.  When Christian saw it, his little eyes lit up, and he was just so happy!  Each day he gets to erase the old number and write in a new one.  If you don't want to use a frame, you could also laminate the page {not sure what I did before I owned this.}

I know it's a little late for most people since school might just be a few days away or you've already started, but if you can grab a copy for next year if you'd like. . .just click here.

Next week is "back to school" week for us.  We're doing a whole week of fun stuff to prep for school. . .a little shopping, a little bit of gift making {God bless those teachers who are gonna spend the day with my little men}, a little bit of this and that. . .can't wait!

By the way. . .
Christian picked the "frog" and Solomon picked the "dog."  I love these since they come with a matching lunch kit.  They're made by [Skip.Hop].

Maybe [just maybe] I am more excited than both of them put together!!!

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  1. oh this post is sooooo cute. photos of your boys are the backpacks. REALLY love the countdown idea.

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