Tuesday, April 10, 2012

teaching and reviewing {ou} and {ow}

Today we reviewed {ou} and {ow}.  
Here are some of my favorite activities. . .

Literature Connections for "ow"

We made an "ow" sunflower with "ow" words on each petal.   There is a template below.

To review "ou" we also read several books. . .

One of my favorite poetry books. . . perfect for the month of April!

Literature connections for "ou". . .

We wrote stories about our "owies". . .and then we had a "sour" taste test {which was the favorite activity of course}!  We tasted sour worms, sour patch kids, and "cry baby" gum.  The students wrote about things that taste sour and their favorite "sour" item from the taste test.

Some of my kids were pretty tough and the "sour stuff" didn't phase them at all!

Others had some pretty cute facial expressions!

Ou:Ow Review Activities


  1. I LOVE these activities! I can totally see my students going crazy over these activities! Unfortunately, they do not introduce ou and ow in my curriculum, so I have to squeeze it in somewhere and what a cute way to do it!

    Thanks so much for sharing! Stop by my blog and check it out if you have the chance :)


  2. These are adorable, thanks for the great ideas! Going to check out some of those books for sure!

    T is for Teaching

  3. Love these ideas & this week we are doing /ow/ too! Thanks :)


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