Saturday, June 11, 2011

Teacher's Corner

Head over to Lakeshore to find 75 free summer activities for kids.  
There are three categories:  pre-school, early learners, and elementary.   You can click on the logo to check it out.   The teacher's corner also features ideas for classroom activities, printables, and grant opportunities for teachers. 

I also love the Classroom Designer Feature which will allow you to  create a model classroom without lifting a finger (other than clicking and dragging)!  This year I measured the dimensions of my room, and I'm planning on making sure that I have a layout in place before I begin the heavy duty work!  I also love Debbie Dillers's Spaces and Places:  Designing Classrooms for Literacy.  
I'll definitely be reading it again this summer as I decide on a great new layout.  If you don't own it, I highly recommend it!  I have to make quite a few changes since I will be using my Promethean board for my whole group instruction and I want it to be the focal point of the classroom.  

On a completely different note, I have to share a few updated pics of the boys.  Yesterday afternoon we headed out to take pictures as part of a Father's Day gift.  I thought I was being smart by taking care of it early.  However, I was SO wrong.  On the way there Christian and I talked about how we were making something special and it was a surprise for his daddy.  This was definitely not a good approach for me to take, but I guess I'm out of teacher mode a bit.  When Mr. Perry arrived home from work yesterday evening, he asked Christian (as he does every day) "How was your day?  What did you do?"  Christian said (with a huge smile), "Yes, I took a picture for you daddy!  It's a surprise!"  I SO did not do a good job with that one, but that's o.k.  because the pictures turned out pretty cute.  I love my little fellas!


  1. They are both SO. ADORABLE. I love that you share pictures with us :).

    Liesl in VA

  2. The boys pictures are so cute....I adore the last one...but I am a huge football fan!!! Your handsome guys are ADORABLE!! :)

  3. The boys are adorable! I love when they are this age and you can get such memorable photos. On another note, I am Aldo reading Debbie Dillers book this summer and planning a redo in my classroom. I also blogged about and plan to continue to add as I continue through the book. I would love for yo o check it out!

  4. So adorable! Don't blink because if you do, they'll be grown! Seriously.

  5. That last picture is so great!

  6. Your boys are PRECIOUS!!! I just bought Debbie Diller's Spaces and Places along with her new book Math Stations. I LOVE both of them and can see that they will become staples each year!
    Kindergarten Teacher


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