Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How "Tues"day Tip #3

Today's project is one that can take anywhere from a week to several months to complete.  It is based on the concept of bottle cap art.  So the first thing that I had to do was start collecting lids.  For about the past six months I have collected every cap, lid, and container top that we have used in the Perry house.  

We go through a lot of apple juice, bottled water, and gatorade so it didn't take long for them to accumulate!  Most of the plastic within the bottle containers can be easily recycled, however, the lids are a different story.  This project is another great way to "go green."

I also used a piece of wood from Home Depot.  They have all kinds of scrap wood, and most of the time it's either very inexpensive or free (especially if you tell them you're a teacher)!

I used two small paint samples that we had lying around the house.  We're also in the process of completing renovations in our dining room (chair rail installation, painting, and new flooring-soon)!

I painted one a turquoise color (deepest aqua).

The other one is called rich navy.

Christian helped me out by sorting all of the caps by color...he had so much fun!

Then I selected the images for the paintings.  The first one is a crab.  

My very very very talented brother in law began painting, and I was so impressed!

Here are the final touches!

I added the orange bottle cap lids and made a letter "c" with some yellow caps.  You can either use some small screws and a drill or some basic wood glue.  I used a drill because I like the effect of the metal in the middle of the caps.

The next painting is an octopus.

  I added two bottle caps for the eyes, and some additional clear ones for bubbles!

"C" is for crab.

"O" is for octopus.

I have one more to add to the collection which will either be a sea turtle or a seahorse.  I loved this project!  If you're in the DFW metroplex, and you're interested in some bottle cap art for your classroom, e-mail me.  My brother in law does a phenomenal job, and he completed both of those paintings in one evening.  I just added the caps and the words.  The inspiration from these paintings came from two resources.  

This year I plan to have my students collect bottle caps to create their own art for our classroom and school.  I also plan to use the handprint art to make our classroom a more inviting and engaging place!


  1. How cute! That exhausted me just looking at it!


  2. Very Cute! :0)
    - Kelly

  3. You are so creative!! Love it. I also like doing thumbprint art with the kiddos. I would love to see the whole collection once it's completed.

    First Grade Factory

  4. Wow! Great idea! I just re-purposed some juice/bottle caps too.


  5. I saw this on an art blog, too, and have been saving my bottle caps. I need to drink more regular Pepsi and Mt. Dew for the colors, other than grey! I am going to challenge my class to be to save their bottle caps and hope to do a great art project or projects come the spring! Cute classroom art!

  6. Awesome project! I was thinking it would be a cool short a activity for the word cap! I was wondering about the screws. How do you address the back of the board with the screw sticking out?

    Thanks for sharing!
    Little Priorities


  7. Lori...that was one of my main concerns while I was at Home Depot selecting wood...the screws are very small...Mr. Perry bought some that wouldn't stick through the back...the wood was about an inch an a half thick

  8. Wayyyy too cute! Now if only I had your painting skills...


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