Friday, June 17, 2011

for all the prayin' mamas (& teachers) out there

I didn't create or organize this...I got this from a college friend who Mr. Perry and I attended college with (hookem')!  He is a deacon at his church, and he works with the youth.  His church has an awesome youth ministry, and one Sunday when we visited this caught my eye!  I love it because it's a daily reminder of the importance of prayer, and it also has core values  that I want my little guys to exhibit.  I'm sorry that the print is so was a struggle to fit it all in, but I made it work the best I could.  So I'm passing this along to all of the praying mamas and teachers out there! 

31 Days of Prayer


  1. Anonymous6/17/2011

    Whew-- when I first read this I was afraid it was bad news... Thank you for this! I believe in the power of prayer!

    Primary Connections

  2. It is funny that you posted this today. I was reading a book earlier today about prayer. It said that just taking our children to church is not enough. Praying for them daily is a MUST especially in this world that we live in today. I do pray for my boys daily. I love this and needed this today!


  3. Oh, my! This is great. Thanks for sharing. It will be well-used.

  4. I started using this last year for my fam and my K kiddos and it's made a HUGE difference in my intentionality across the board. Check out "Maximize Your Mornings" - Kat has the calendar for kids and one for husbands as well. Great!

  5. Love this! Thanks!!

  6. LOVE it! Thanks for posting! ;)

  7. That's beautiful, thank you! I'm going to bring it to work next fall (Catholic school).

  8. Thank you sooooooo much for this! It's true, we pray for our children but not in the best way. This is great help!

    Again, thanks for being an instrument for the Lord!


  9. How neat! Thanks for sharing!

  10. :0) Thanks for sharing! :0)


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