Thursday, April 28, 2011

Measurement Mini-Unit

I didn't take nearly enough pictures during out "measurement-mania" unit, and I really wish I had taken tons. My kids loved measurement and seemed to grasp it very well as it was connected to hands-on, real world experiences.  Their favorites were measuring length with flowers that they painted, using cheez-its to learn more about area, and measuring "big foot" with various measurement tools.  "Big-foot" was actually just one of Mr. Perry's shoes that we used to measure the length of our feet.  They also enjoyed seeing how tiny Solomon's and Christian's are in comparison to theirs and especially Mr. Perry's.  Surprisingly, I had a few students whose feet were the same size as mine or slightly larger (a couple of very tall boys)!

Every day we discussed a different type of measurement and the tools that we use to gain information about it.    I printed the pages that are in the document below, laminated them, and used sticky notes to record information on them.  We began with  the why, when, how, and what's of measurement.  A great introduction to this is to bring in pairs of shoes that are too small or too tight.  Measurement is such an important skill for students because time, temperature, length, weight, capacity, perimeter, and area occur in every day life more often than we realize.

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  1. Mrs. Perry!! This is fantastic! I love the book-measurement can be so hard to teach first graders (cm vs inches) and this is super cute. thanks for sharing!!!


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