Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meet Roy!

Today we had a "colorful" day.  We began our day with a book called "The Leprechaun Who Lost His Rainbow," and then we made our own "Roy G. Biv."

My kids adored this project!  I created my own copy of Roy  and hid it at the back of the book.  At the end of the story, out popped "Roy!"   

  I got this idea from Amanda Nickerson at One Extra Degree, and she also has this activity in her St. Patrick's Day unit on TpT.  She teaches third grade, and you can get her stuff here!

After reading a bit more of Dr. Seuss, we talked about using "similes" in writing to make it more "colorful" and "interesting."  

We'll have more fun with projects on tomorrow and Friday using sneaky little leprechauns, a box of Lucky Charms, and pots of gold!


  1. Those are super cute Roy G. Bivs! :) We are doing the lucky charms thing too, lots of fun this time of the year. :)

  2. Aww Brooke! ROY looks so snazzy! :) Thanks for linking back to my blog and store. I love your blog, so I feel flattered that you used one of my ideas! :) I need to check out your TpT store sometime too! Did you let the kids make their own body parts?! I love how made him out of simple shapes and how each one looks different.

  3. neat, thanks! I'll be back for sure. Come by and visit us at


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