Friday, February 11, 2011

Updates. . .

I just posted day 12 of "14 Days of Love," and I can't believe Valentine's Day is almost here!  We finally made it to the 100th day on yesterday, but since we didn't get everything accomplished, I'm extending the activities as we wrap up and celebrate the 101st day of school!  I'll post lots of pics today as we finish up.

I'm having a sale this weekend (today through Valentine's Day), and I recently posted a dental health unit on TpT which is packed with over 70 pages of great activities.  

Here are just a few of my favorites:  
a non-fiction book about teeth: "Whoose Teeth Are These?"  
a tooth fairy job appplication and literature connection
a media literacy connection (advertisement)
Graphing:  Which flavor do you favor?

I've had several requests for activities about black history month, and I'm working on a mini-unit that combines African Americans and inventions.  It will have 10 everyday items that we use which were created by African Americans.  I hope to have it posted by Sunday, and I'll also include a longer unit with research activities and extensions on TpT.  

I'm still working on a really cute unit about the USA:  "Presidential Hopefuls."  It has a non-fiction book about the road to presidency, comparison activities for the lives of presidents and teachers, several literacy connections, a directional art activity for "Ameri-bear" and "Uncle Sam," and tons of word work activities!  It should be ready by Saturday!

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  1. Hey Brooke! As you know already, I LOVE your blog! I check it several times during the day and have bought everything you made on TPT I think! : )
    How is the "Presidential Hopefuls: unit coming? You had posted you hoped it would be ready by Saturday? We are learning about symbols and Presidents now and I am sooo anxious for you to post this!!!! Can you give me an update please? Thanks for being a wonderful teacher!!! : )


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