Monday, February 14, 2011

Help Wanted!

Last fall I wrote a grant which connected literacy and science, however, it was not one of the winners.  My team and I were disappointed because we were really looking forward to seeing the project in action.    

Since I thought it was such a wonderful idea and that the first graders at my school would benefit tremendously, I continued to search for funding.  I recently found a microgrant from Heinemann, and I've submitted a grant proposal there!  There are many proposals there, but the one with the most votes will win!  Please consider voting for my proposal at the Heinemann website.  It's called "Commotion in the Ocean."  

The voting period is from February 15th through March 14th.  In order to vote, you must have a user id/password with the Heinemann site. I have already begun spreading the word and asking for help from the faculty, staff, and parents at my school.  I would greatly appreciate your support, and the 108 first graders at Cora Spencer Elementary School would too!  

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