Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A few of my favorite things. . .

Welcome to room 18 (my classroom)!  Here are a few of my favorite things about my classroom.  This is the entry way.  My favorite part is the sign with the pear and the "e."  
 The gifted students always seem to enjoy that sign and the "get it" right away.  

When you walk in the door the first thing you will see is a fish tank with our "bucket filler" bulletin board.  I read the book by Tom Rath this summer, and decided to implement "bucket fillers" not just with my students but also with my teammates.  We love filling each others' buckets!  I usually walk into their rooms and say, "You really need to check your bucket!"  I get so excited about seeing the look on each of their faces when they get whatever trinket, note, or treat has been placed in there.  

At the beginning of the year we created a chart of "bucket fillers" and "bucket dippers."  We posted the bucket filler chart and threw the other one in the trash!
They're not in this picture, but each child's picture is posted beside the mini-bucket.  They're from the wedding section at Dollar Tree (you get 3 for $1).  

I love using this Calendar Math pocket chart from Lakeshore.  It keeps everything so organized, and helps me to cover everything.  Next year we'll have interactive white boards so I'm not sure if I'll still use it, but it has been a wonderful teaching tool for the few years that I've had it. 

I love the Daily 5 and CAFE so much!  This year I'm planning to see "the sisters" in April...can't wait!  Daily 5 is so easy, simple, and stress free.  I use "FACE" instead of CAFE.  We talked about the face of a reader at the beginning of the school year, and then students drew a self portrait. As the year progressed, we added strategies for each component (fluency, accuracy, comprehension, and expanding vocabulary).  There are tiny sticky notes with the students' names on them.  They work on a different skill/strategy each six weeks.  We have a reading conference to set goals and talk about how they can improve their reading skills. 

I love my mini-futon and reading loft!  I also have a set of matching chairs.  These are wonderful additions to the classroom because they are "perfect" for reading. 

I am so blessed to have 4 student computer stations in my classroom.  This is such a nice addition because students listen to reading at the computer at least 3 times per week. I use raz-kids and it allows them to listen to a book, read a book (to check for fluency/accuracy), and take a quiz (to check comprehension).  

These student lockers are lifesavers.  Every person is responsible for their own backpack, lunch kit, and other school "stuff."  I number them each year, and the students know that their locker number is their "class i.d. number."  

There are several more things inside my classroom that I plan to share later on.  These are just a few of my favorite things.  What do you love about your classroom? 


  1. Pear-e took me a while, not gonna lie! haha, so cute! thanks for sharing :)

  2. i love bucket fillers!!! i am also jealous of the calendar math-- i would love that!

  3. I love bucket fillers and yes, you will still use the calendar math chart with your interactive board. I love my Promethean Board, but some good old fashioned pocket charts are still a staple. You can do whole group on your Promethean and the students can use the pocket chart in your small group or as a center. My favorite part of your entry way is the cupcake welcome sign, I want one!!

  4. Thank you for your tour! I have been hearing about Bucket Fillers and I LOVE IT! I like your examples of "fillers"... I think that will be helpful for my kinders.

    Thank you again!

  5. Thanks for the pictures :) I have been debating on getting the Math pocket chart for awhile now from Lakeshore but seeing a picture of yours I am definitely headed over to Lakeshore to purchase one. Thanks again!!

  6. I felt very "un-gifted" as it took me quite a few minutes to figure out pear-e!!
    I love bucketfillers - our school is a bucketfilling school as well. Christina Bainbridge's website has quite a few cute downloads & forms for bucketfilling. We also made some things as a school on vista print (magnets, notes, etc) to support bucketfilling.
    Thanks for the tour!

  7. I loved seeing your classroom pictures, it is always neat to see how other teachers set up their rooms. I saw the sisters in December they are amazing, you will love them!

  8. Cute things! I have the same calendar (and I have a Smartboard -- We still do calendar on the actual calendar but maybe next year we'll do both?).

  9. That pear sign is great! I've seen bucketfilling on a few other sites and think it is such a wonderful idea. I'd definitely like to try it next year...if not this year. My class already gives affirmations at the end of the day, so bucketfilling would be an easy addition for us.
    Honestly, there are very few things I love about my physical classroom this year. I do love the students who fill it, though!

  10. Loved being in your classroom. I love the CUBES charts. I would love to see The Sisters. Hope you share your learning with us!



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