Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Election Time!

Our first class election is coming up on Friday.  This week students will exercise their right to vote as they select a cookie!  Here is a ballot box that I purchased several years ago.  It came from from Scholastic with a set of election materials.  

But just in case your more of a "do-it-yourselfer," here's another option.  You'll need a small to medium box.  in this case, I used a Valentine box from the Target Dollar Spot.

Here's an example of the finished product.

This week I'm also working on an election booth!  Here's what I'm starting with...

Hopefully a bit of paint and some signs with cute clipart will transform this from drab to fab!


  1. I do the exact same thing!! I usually study this though in November - not February! We vote for our favorite pizza, cookie or donut! Then the winner is rewarded with a party to the class (Pizza party, cookie party etc!)

  2. We vote too during November. Kids Votes Count, too. I pulled resources online a few years ago and voted for a class president. Cookie Monster's Slogan: A Cookie for Every Kid and Count Dracula’s Slogan: You can Count on Me! We discussed which President would serve as instant gratification and which would actually help solve problems. I sent an email to Sesame Street and received a response. The kids had a BLAST! Not all my original idea but put my own spin on the follow up activites...



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