Monday, February 7, 2011

14 Days of Love! (day 8)

You can use this activity as a measurement activity for math. After the students make their prediction, they can measure and record their actual answer.  I also included a place to write in tens/ones and odd or even.  There is also a place for them to illustrate.  

 I have been really into cupcakes lately, and I'm making lots of cupcake "stuff."  Here are some pictures of things that I purchased recently for the class.
I got a really great science idea from this book about colors.  I recently made a "Valentine Science" unit for TpT.  This book is from Kohl's, and it's in the same section as the Eric Carle books right now.  All proceeds go to kids!


I also picked up these nesting cupcakes.  I'm hoping to use them with a capacity lesson!

I picked up this little cute little cupcake sign for the front door (later today I'm hoping to post pics with a classroom tour so that will probably be one of the first ones you see)!

Last I picked up a "giant" cupcake with a lid.  I think I'm going to keep prizes and treats in it, and make a sign that says "Caught ya being sweet!"


  1. I love this!! It is too cute. A few weeks ago we made a life sized Penquin. --- similar to Sarah Cooley's
    The students loved to compare their height to the Penguin. So I know they will love this. I think I'll have them doing this next Monday!!

  2. I LOVE your blog!!! Your ideas are so cute! I am super excited about all of your cupcake ideas. I even had my mom, who lives three states away, go to Kohls in search of the "giant" cupcake. Mission accomplished! Good thing she's a retired teacher and totally understands the "I must have this". Thank you for sharing - you are touching lots of lives everywhere.


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