Monday, January 10, 2011

Water, Water, Everywhere

Last week we studied about water, its uses, and its locations on Earth.  Here are a couple of activities we did...water is not always the most exciting topic, but I really tried to make the learning as meaningful and fun as possible!

I began by asking students, "Who wants a drink?"  I gave them two choices, a nice fresh bottle of unopened water and some "dark green-murky" water.   When they saw the "dark green" water, some of them said they would be willing to take a drink (mostly boys-the girls were mortified)!  However, it was decided that if anyone saw this kind of water coming from their faucet at home-they would get their parents assistance at once!

We wrote an acrostic poem about "water."  The students used individual marker boards as we completed shared writing together.  

We also created our own simulation of a pond or stream running into a river.  We used soil with tiny rocks and got rid of that "green murky" water.  

Also included were lots of books, a discovery streaming video about the uses of water, and a KWHL chart.

Below is a document that I created with some water activities for young learners.

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