Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentine Pen Pals

This February, I'm hosting a pen pal Valentine exchange!  The project is open to any K-2 group.  If you want to participate, here's what you have to do:

1.  E-mail me to let me know your're interested by Friday, January 28th.  (

2.  Include your name, school mailing address, and the grade level you teach. 

I will place all of the teachers in a group (the number will depend on how many responses I receive-most likely it will be 20-25 cards). Then your class will create Valentine Cards for the other classes in your group (snail mail only).  

The theme for this project will be cupcakes.  Inside each of the cards, you can include information about your class, how you're celebrating Valentine's Day, and the things you LOVE about your school or grade level!   

You will be responsible for shipping costs, and you might also be interested in skyping with another class too.  If so, please mention that in your e-mail.  The deadline to mail the cards will be Wednesday, February 9th to ensure that each class receives the cards on or before Valentine's Day.

I hope this project will serve as an extension to social studies as we learn about maps, the U.S. mail system, and Valentine's Day!

You will receive a confirmation e-mail and an excel document with information about your group once everything has been finalized.  I will do my best to make sure that you get to correspond with teachers/students from a variety of locations!  I hope you're able to join us in this fun Valentine project!



  1. Do we just send one card? Or does each student send a card?

  2. Rachelle,
    Each student can make a card that will be sent to another class for the exchange. Depending on the number of students you have, you might have a few students who need to make an extra card. That way each class in your group will receive 1 card from you...I hope this makes sense-I think it will once you get your group info. So glad you're joining us!

  3. Thank you everyone for your willingness to participate! I have already gotten so many responses...I think our kiddos will love this!

  4. I just sent you an email...this sounds like sooooo much fun! WOOHOO!


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