Friday, January 14, 2011

Scientists in the Making

Here are some memorable moments from science day! The kids had an amazing time, and it made me love teaching science even more!

This was our schedule.  Mrs. Wilson, our 1st grade rep for the science vertical team, organized our activities and schedule.  She did a fabulous job!

Mrs. Marsh taught a lesson about seasons and weather.  The students discussed what each season looks like and how the winter changes.  

Ms. Reeves taught a lesson about air.  She read a book and led the students in a discussion about the properties of air.   She conducted a science investigation with a small tub of water, a cup, and a towel.  When you press the cup down to the bottom of the tub quickly, the water does not enter the cup because the air pressure blocks the moisture.  However, when you turn the cup to the side, the air escapes and the towel becomes saturated.

Mrs. Wilson taught a lesson about magnets.   The students discussed the properties of magnets and how the opposite poles attract each other.  The students conducted an investigation and tested various items to see if they were attracted to the magnets.

Sometimes science can be messy!  
Mrs. Ferguson taught a lesson about liquids using rubbing alcohol, food coloring, glitter, and oil. The students predicted whether or not the liquids would mix.  They also investigated whether or not the alcohol or the oil would rise to the top.

I conducted an investigation with the students about the water cycle. We made snow using snow powder and water.  

Each teacher was able to keep a large bag of snow powder to use with literature connections.  The students will also get to take a small bag home with them.


Here are some of the responses from my students' science investigation journals.  I enjoyed reading their responses and hearing them share reflections about what they learned.


  1. The students seemed to really enjoy "Science Day". I think the idea is awesome and I plan to suggest this ideas to my administrative staff and my team. Thanks for sharing!
    Ms. Taylor

  2. Love the student comments! :) Those are sweet. Thanks for sharing the specifics of your day- I would love to convince my team to do something like this.

  3. I love the student comment that Science Day was the 4th best day!


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