Saturday, January 1, 2011

Portfolio Giveaway!

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I found these cute little personalized portfolios from Kacey.  She is actually a first grade teacher and has her own business called "Doodlebugs."  I think these would be perfect for taking notes, writing to-do lists, and keeping information in a neat organized location. 

 Kacey has graciously agreed to donate a portfolio to the winner of the next Primary Perspective giveaway! 
Follow these simple directions!

1.  Visit Kacey's website to look around.

2.  Go to Kacey's blog and "follow" her.

3.  Return to Primary Perspective and "follow" me.

4.  Post a comment with one of your favorite organizational tips or tools.    

5.  Share one organizational goal that you have for your classroom, your students, or yourself in 2011!

Happy New Year!

The contest ends on Wednesday, January 5th at 12 noon (central standard time).  


  1. My favorite tool is to use command hooks on the side of my computers to hold headphones on one side. On the other I use rings and index cards for each student and put all of their passwords on a card.

    My goal this year is to become clutter free. As a teacher, I have clutter everywhere (shhh don't tell anyone)! I am nervous because I am moving to a brand new building in March and have 3 days to set up my room. I CAN DO IT!!!

    I follow you and I followed Doodlebug papers. Too Cute! I never win anything, so if I do win, I will dance around like a maniac! I can use the portfolio to actually write my To Do lists. :)


  2. WOW! What a great giveaway and ty so much for the chance to win one! WOOHOO!

    I love books..actually, I'm obsessed about them, and after teaching for 29 years, I have over 2000 books that I own. I have organized them by genre, complete with labels, and color coded bins. I am EXTREMELY ADHD, so I think I over organize at times. This year I moved up with my K class to 1st and have really loved it, although it has been a challenge. My goal in January is to get my kid's book boxes set up for them to use efficiently and independently during our center time.

    I never win anything either, lol, and I'd love to win this..but if I don''ll be fine. I just love reading you blog!

  3. I checked out Kacey's site! There are many very cute things!

    I am now following Kacey's blog and have already followed yours :)

    A classroom tip for center time....I print the name of each student on the back of the center page, so I know who has been or who still needs to come to the center. The student finds the paper with his/her name and completes the page! This is very quick/easy thing to do. Have a class set of papers with only your students names printed at the top and just run it through the copier for the page you want their name pre-printed!

    A goal this year is to clean out things I no longer use or need! They create extra clutter that I do not need in my classroom!


  4. My favorite organizational tool for my classroom is putting all my anchor charts for reading/writing/math workshop on pants hangers. Then when I need a chart I can pull it out of my closet.

    For myself, my goal this year is to get my office/playroom/guestroom organized. I feel like I spend so much time getting and keeping my classroom organized that when I get home I have no enegry left.

    Thanks for the great ideas and giveaways! I've only recently discovered the world of first grade blogging and I'm hooked!


  5. Oops..I forgot to say that I follow both of your blogs as well! :O) (It's that ADHD thing, lol)

  6. Those portfolios are adorable!

    I am already a follower of your blog and I just joined as a follower of Kacey's blog.

    My favorite organizational tool is It allows me to bookmark links from all of the wonderful teacher blogs and I'm able to label the links so that I can find great ideas, fast!

    A goal that I have for myself this year, is to become more organized at home. I hope to do this with a little help from

  7. Love these!

    I have my word work centers sorted into little boxes. About 21 in total. To keep these organized I Velcro-ed either an open or closed sign to the front. The kids know what they are allowed to use this way.

    I plan to be more organized at school.

  8. Love Kacey's site and ideas!!!

    I am now a follower of her blog & yours!

    My class is set up in centers--for organization I have materials sort by themes/subjects for each center stored together.
    My favorite new item as well as a hit with students is in my Magnet Center--a oil drip pan instead of cookie sheets. The pan is big enough to not only make words but sentences with magnetic letters. Well worth the $12.00 price!
    Thanks for your ideas-keep them coming!

  9. 1. I looked at Kacey's website. I like the kid thank you notes.

    2. Following Kacey's blog

    3. Following Primary Perspective

    4. One of my favorite organizational strategies is using file boxes for each student to store their literacy items.

    5. My organizational goal is to organize my centers better.

  10. Hi ~ I love your blog! So happy I'm following both blogs now. On Kacey's site, I love her personalized pop up note cards.

    I teach 3rd grade and in my classroom I use clear plastic shoe bins to organize all of my center games, books, and activities. I label the outside of the box so everyone know what goes in it.

    My one goal for this year is too get my student's personalized book baskets organized better. I need remind them how to neatly put their books in their basket and then how to put them away in the bookshelf.

    Thanks for a fab giveaway!

  11. Those books are adorable! I would love to win one! One organizational tool I could not live without is my label maker! I label everything. Cubbies, mailboxes, book baskets.. It helps everyone put things where they belong!

  12. What a cute site!

    My organizational tip is for my listening center. The book, tape/cd case, the tape/cd and the bag they are stored in all have the same colored dot on it. That way students can easily identify what goes where at clean up time.

    My goal is to keep up with re-filing the originals when I get my copies back from the Copy Center. I usually just toss them in a tub and deal with it when I have time!

  13. I love those adorable portfolios. I would love to win. I know follower her blog.
    I like to file worksheets and ideas by nine weeks in 3 inch binders. If I need to make a copy I don't even need to take out of the sheet protector. I always have my originals.

  14. 1. the portfolios are fantastic! I love everything in her shop!

    2. I follow Kasey's blog

    3. And! I now follow your blog :)

    4. In my classroom (kindergarten), I have a "check-in table" near the door. Each morning, the students "check in." They sign their name on the check-in form, put their lunch ticket for hot lunch in a basket, put their homework folder in a tray, and sharpen their pencils if needed. I have found that this really helps 'slow them down.' They are so excited to get to school and see their friends, but this little ritual helps to get them in the "school mode."

    5. I actually have a goal for myself: to start to really implement my BlackBerry better. I know that it is a great tool for scheduling, organizing, etc. - but I have just never taken the time to learn all that it can do! Might sound silly, but that's my goal!

  15. I love the portfolios! I am a follower of Doodlebugs already.

  16. I am now a follower of your blog too.

  17. I am shy on space in my classroom and have recently used those hooks that slide up into the wall and support themselves to hang things like pocket charts that are multifunctional. It has been a real help to hold paper for writing stations or my important notes to keep.

  18. I adore the portfolios!

    I follow Kacey's blog.

    I follow your blog, too!

    I love using keeps me organized in assessments and in what to get ready for the next day.....I use lists all day....and it feels good to get everything
    on a list checked off!

    Excited to use my new iPad to stay organized with the calendar
    , schedules, and even more apps I haven't even discovered yet!

  19. I have followed your blog and Kasey's Blog. :) Love her stuff (AND yours too!)

    My favorite organizational tip: I like to organize my listening center stuff in gallon size baggies- with the copies of the books, and cd. I organize them by month. sounds really obvious...but I finally organized it this way and it has really been great for my classroom.

    I am hoping to stay more organized withy my files- I can't find a way that is fool-proof in keeping everything nice and organized so I can find stuff.

  20. I am already a follower of your blog.

    Ms. M

  21. I am now a Doodle Bugs follower. I can't believe I had never seen that site before it is great!

    Ms. M

  22. Because I teach multiple grade levels, I HAVE to be organized. My current favorite organizational tool is my file box. I have a hanging forder for each day of the week. In each hanging folder I have assigned each class a colored file folder. In each file folder I keep the assignments for each day of the week. It keeps me sane. Otherwise I would have piles and piles of papers and activities on my desk.

    Ms. M

  23. Because my school is being renovated next year, and I will be off-site, my goal is to go through all my files and upload them online. That way I can have more room and have everything at finger tips, instead of having to go through files and files of originals.

    Ms. M

  24. My goal is to keep my monthly binders of activities organized! December was so crazy I felt like I was just shoving things in my containers and binders -- I hope I can find everything still!
    Resolution for 2011 -- a cleaner, more organized classroom!

  25. 1. I looked and found some awesome frog stuff on her blog.

    2. I have followed her blog.

    3. Am hooked on your blog can't wait to use your ideas! :)

    4.Tip: I print out a sheet with my students names on them, as many columns that will fit on a page. When I need to collect something, I can just grab a slip and cross their names off. Sometimes we have several things out at once and this way they are all grouped together.

    5.Goal: Is to gather and store my materials for the week in a new container. :) I have printed out my labels already, I am half way there!


  26. I visted before and love Kacey's stuff! So cute and would make great gifts!

  27. I am now a follower of Kacey's blog!

  28. I am already one of your followers! Love your ideas!

  29. A organizational tool I use it to keep all of my weekly papers in labled drawers Monday thru Friday with all materials I will need each day. This is the first year I started organzing my weeks into the drawers and it has really helped me find what I need each day!

  30. My goal for 2011 is to organize my students data binders! I am really hoping that I will stay on top of keeping this organized and up to date!


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