Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eric Carle Birthday Bash!

My oldest son, Christian, is turning 3 next month (I can't believe-seems like he was just born)!  I'm working on a birthday bash...Eric Carle style!  His favorite 3 things are food/eating, reading/books, and sports.  

I figure that I'll focus on the reading and books while he's young since he has plenty of time for sports later on!  I picked up these really cute party supplies from Target.  I'm also thinking about having an Eric Carle celebration at school (in May) when we finish our author study!  

stickers and table cloth

Party invitations and plates...

napkins and a book (found these at Mardel recently 2 for $5...might be something extra to add to the gift bags.  Each book has seeds inside so you can grow your own flowers)!

Desert plates and napkins


  1. Kolh's has all the stuff animals right now and hard cover books for Eric Carle.

  2. How fun! If you have any left over plates or napkins, you can turn them into books for your class. Napkins and plates make great book covers.


  3. Those are so cute!!! Good find.

    Ms. M

  4. Thank you Mrs. Daniels. I'm heading to Kohl's after I leave the school!

    Jennifer, thanks for the idea...I might pick up some extras to use in the classroom.

  5. You are most welcome. I got me a set last week. I thought the catepillar was so cute.

  6. What fun! My Lily is turning 3 on Feb. 8th. Time certainly flies. She's wanting a puzzle themed party. I can't even begin to brainstorm ideas. An Eric Carle party sounds so much easier to plan!

  7. That's awesome! We are doing an author study on Eric Carle right now too - we can't get enough of him!!

  8. Hey, Brooke! This is Rachel Moss (formerly) from Dickinson. I just found your blog and I love it!
    I'm teaching first grade this year, too.

  9. Hi Rachel...I hope your year is going well...we'll have to catch up some time!

  10. OMG! I hope our Target has the Eric Carle line. My grand-daughter will turn two in April. We had a Moose A. Moose party last year. I had to make theme related treat bags, and coordinate the colors of the paper products. The treat bags and cake were the only things that featured Moose and Zee.

    Thanks for sharing. Have you been to Kohls for the stuffed animals? btw, I love your blog.


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