Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If you Take a Mouse to the Movies. . .

Today we had "movie day," and the kids had so much fun!  Here are some pictures of the activities that we did. 

We made a little peek-over mouse and responded to the writing prompt-If you take me to the movies, I'll ask for...

Here they are hanging on my clothes line!

We created a flow map with all of the events and practiced retelling the story.

We read the book chorally with this big book.

This little one said he'd "be fine" after he got everything he needed!

This one was so sweet.  This little honey wanted lots of things, but she saved the best for last (her family)!

Later we ate popcorn and watched a story from bookpals online! 

We also graphed our favorite kinds of movies & analyzed the data!

Favorite Movie Graph

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