Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cute Holiday Gift Idea...

Each year I like to make a "thumbprint" calendar with my kids.  This year they are soooo cute, and I know the parents are going to LOVE them!  They're very simple to make, and my favorite part about them is that each student's looks a little bit different.  This year I made a smaller version that I usually make because I wanted to use my personal scotch mini-laminator because I like the tight seal that's around the edge and there's no cutting!  However, I think I'm still going to have to use a full sized laminator.  

I can't believe I did this, but this year I did the whole thing for 19 students in one entire morning!  While the kids were working on "Daily 5" I pulled them over and we worked non-stop!!!

   January-snowflake (next year I think I want to make a little mitten)
May-butterfly (you could also make a flower)
June-lady bug
July-fireworks (I have also done a flag before.)

I'm sure there are lots of other pictures or objects that could be made.  I have also seen this completed with a different page for each month of the year, but to save time I usually just use the one page calendar.

I used an inking pad from Lakeshore that saved lots of time.  I also used tons of baby wipes to wipe off fingers when we changed colors.


Fingerprint Poem


  1. Adorable! I have seen this general idea with a paint/handprint calendar all over the place. I love the idea, but it just seemed so time consuming. This is just as cute, but seems like it would take away a lot less instructional time. Geniuis!

  2. Great idea! I like the look and the ease of this gift! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fabulous! I love this idea and I think I'm going to have to add it to my list of gifts to make on our Holiday Crafts Day next year. I have seen a lot of preschoolers make a calendar using their hand prints, but this is a little different and perfect for the first graders! Thanks for sharing!


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